Welcome to the datapolicy.info website, a site dedicated to continuing conversations on data, policy and civic life. The discussion threads elaborated here emerged from a day long dialogue held on March 11, 2014 at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. In order to capture the many different threads of conversation that took place during the day, we’ve experimented with different ways to work through the site’s content. There is a page that summarises the main topics that were raised and discussed during the day. There are also a number of what we’re calling different “cuts” through these topics that aim to assemble them into broader areas of concern. Finally, there are standpoints that present commentaries on the issues and how they’re imagined to be relevant to different perspectives.


Under Actors, you’ll also find a list of people who took part in the day, their organisations and some relevant reading material.


Our hope is this site will provide a place for developing the challenges and complexities at the intersections of data, policy and civic life. We encourage comments and additions.


Questions, thoughts, comments, etc. should be emailed to research@tenisonroad.com.
The document outlining the original motives for the day-long dialogue is available here.

The graphic on this page is an attempt to visually represent the topics that were covered and some of the questions raised. Different parts of this graphic are used throughout this site. Download the image file here.

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